Limited access allowed as Yosemite reopens for sunrise to sunset visits.

Yosemite National Park has announced that it will be open to visitors every day, from sunrise until sunset. However, the park officials have stated that access and services may be limited due to various reasons such as weather conditions or maintenance work. The only way to enter the park is through Highway 140 and El Portal Road. Overnight camping will not be permitted while campsites remain buried in snow.

Several roads and areas of Yosemite National Park are still closed for public use including Big Oak Flat and Wawona Road. While some paved pedestrian paths in Yosemite Valley are plowed, all hiking trails remain covered with snow making them inaccessible during this period.

The recent winter storms caused heavy snowfall which broke previous records set back in 1969 resulting in up to 15 feet of accumulated snow on many roads, buildings & trees inside the national park area causing a lot of damage & trapping rangers indoors at their homes.

Visitors should also note that overnight stays might resume if weather conditions improve by Monday according to officials but they advise caution when travelling around since there were at least twenty-two rockslides after rainfall measuring over twenty-one inches hit parts of the valley earlier this year.

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