Lily Collins, the girl of the moment on Netflix: Phil Collins’ daughter stars in Emily in Paris

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At the age of 31, the British actress got a role in which she excels. Curiosities her biography. A troubled relationship with her father and a promising future.

Among the most watched Netflix releases of these days is Emily in Paris, a light-hearted but charming romantic comedy that stars a leading lady, Lily Jane Collins. Many do not know that the British actress is the daughter of Phil Collins.

During these hours many google his name: is that his smile hypnotizes and monopolizes the screen. In addition, she became a trend in networks for her look in the series, in which she displays a wardrobe that fascinates thousands of aspiring “It Girl”.

Born in Guildford on March 18, 1989, also a model, Lily made his film debut 11 years ago, in the movie The Blind Side. She has on her resume a Golden Globe Award nomination for her performance in Rules Don’t Apply.

Half-sister of actress Joely Collins and musician Simon Collins, face of brands such as Lancome, former partner of Taylor Lautner (actor of Twilight) and Zac Efron, the girl with almost 20 million followers on Instagram already collects a dozen films: he also starred Mirror Mirror (2012) playing Snow White, Abduction (2012) and Priest (2011).

Lily often remarks that she prefers a low profile: “Growing up in an environment where your private life is so public has made me learn a lot about staying private if you really want to. I’ve never been one to go ahead of the cameras for any other reason that I’m promoting something“, he warned in an interview.

In Netflix fiction we see Lily as Emily, a Chicago marketing executive who moves to Paris for a year and tries to cope with a demanding job. In her office, her colleagues are full of prejudices about her, and little by little the American millennial will demolish the preconceptions. The big con: she doesn’t speak a word in French. The language will be the first obstacle …

For the filming of this comedy he settled in France for four months. Many promote Emily in Paris like the new Sex & The City. Se deals with ten episodes with fashion as one of the axes and everything indicates that there will be a second season.

Communicator, specialized in television journalism at the University of Southern California, Collins announced a few days ago her engagement with actor and director Charlie McDowell, with whom he began a relationship just over a year ago, after he had an affair with Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones.

“I’ve been waiting for you all my life and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our days together,” she commented on her networks and exhibited her ring.

Only child from Phil Collins’ second marriage to Jill Tavelman (he has four other children), her parents divorced when she was five years old. In 2017 she dared to write No filters, no shame, no regrets. Just me, book in which talked about the eating disorders she suffered as a teenager and her relationship with her father.

“An honest and heartwarming conversation about the things young women struggle with: body image, self, confidence, relationships, family, dating, and much more,” reads the book’s promotional newsletter.

“I forgive you for not having always been there when I have needed you and for not being the father I expected. I forgive you for the mistakes you have made. And although it seems like it is too late, it is not. There is still a lot of time to move on, “he said those words to Phil.

According to several British magazines, Phil ended the relationship with his then partner “via fax.” Since then, Lily has seen her father alone on vacation, after her mother decided to move from Surrey (UK) to Los Angeles.

“I am learning how to accept your actions and to verbalize how they make me feel. I accept and honor the sadness and anger that I felt about the things you did or did not do, that you gave or did not give me”, expressed in the book Lily speaking from the heart to her father.

Among the funniest stories related to Phil, Lily revealed that first learned that his father was famous during a family trip to Disney, when a fan approached with a T-shirt on which the musician’s face was stamped.

“I was a girl and I was thinking: Why do you want a photo of my dad, and why is my dad on his shirt? Little by little, I began to understand,” she explained.


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