Raised public about the Temptation Island Finland program Iiro Bärlund confirmed the resignation of the Miss Helsinki finalist on Sunday Rebecca from Reindeer Fish. The couple’s journey together ended with the Miss Beauty a week before Midsummer.

Rebecca opened her views to Iltalehti on the reasons for the difference.

– We are too strong personalities and disputes often turned out to be bad. The roller coaster describes our relationship well, the good moments were really super good and the bad ones just awful. We have also agreed with Iiro on this, he commented to Iltalehti.

Now Iiro Bärlund opens his verbal coffin for reasons of difference. She is very much in line with her ex-girlfriend.

– The interval from May Day to Midsummer was the worst moment of our relationship. We realized during that time that we are too different people, he says.

According to Iiro, the couple had a lot of good moments, but also quarrels. There was also a lack of trust in the relationship, which was addressed during that time. Although Iiro also has a reputation as a partymaker thanks to Tempers, he says he has slowed down with Rebeca.

– When we had the last dispute, I had been outside and the evening had dragged on. A quarrel broke out that I had disposed of my phone.

– In general, I have recovered from the differences, but now I must say that I have been really broken their on-off-the tides of time. I gave the relationship what I could. I learned from this experience that it is not worth trying. I am still proud that we tried, yes this was love in the background. We had a lot of wonderful trips and experiences that I wouldn’t trade out. She is a kind hearted and beautiful person.

New gold from Tinder

After the separation, Iiro focused on enjoying the summer and celebrating. He also tried to get his job done. He was laid off in the spring due to a corona from the management of a staffing company.

– I was laid off vakityöstäni, and I have now done for a long time already these green decoration stuff. New winds are coming on the work front in sales, Iiro says.

During the summer, she also downloaded Tinder to her phone, where she found a new blonde hair for life.

– We went on a date and we had a fun dating night. We have continued dating, says Iiro.

Recently, the couple drove a car on a dating night, and the beauty chose it as car music Kari Tapion after the storm, which Iiro got excited about as a Klabbi fan.

– She has such a taste in music that it goes well with mine, Iiro laughs.

– Let’s just say he stays well with me! We have had nice evenings together.