Light breakfasts that will fill you with strength and energy

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Breakfast is of great importance because it is the first intake we make after many hours without having eaten any food.

It is important that the foods that we include in breakfast provide the necessary energy to start the day, with these options you can have a light breakfast that, in turn, gives us strength and energy to start the day in a productive way.

Light breakfasts that fill you with energy

If we know what foods to choose and when to eat them, we can make a healthy breakfast that provides us with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary to start our system.

Spinach and cheese rolls

You will need corn tortillas, sliced ​​light cheese, and fresh spinach. You can pass the tortillas through the pan with a little oil if you prefer. On a fajita you can add the thin slices of cheese, another fajita and fresh spinach. Later you can roll them up and accompany them with a drink such as tea or coffee.

Yogurt with chia and nuts.

Considered by far the healthiest, lightest and easiest breakfast to prepare, it is widely shared on social networks and for a reason, it is very nutritious and healthy: add 3-4 tablespoons of chia to a natural yogurt in a container glass and add your favorite nuts and if you want also add some cereals.

To avoid causing inflammation, it is recommended to let the chia seeds rest in the yogurt for about 15 minutes so they expand. A very nutritious and easy-to-prepare breakfast.

Oatmeal with nuts

Another simple way to start the morning is with oat flakes, fruits such as banana, kiwi or blueberries, and accompany this with nuts, such as almonds or hazelnuts. This nutritious, light and easy-to-prepare breakfast is an instant to face the day with energy and strength.

You can combine the foods that you include in this recipe, which do not have to be limited to these fruits. You can include mango, strawberries or dehydrated foods. If you accompany it with milk or yogurt, this will become a perfect breakfast to give you energy.

If you want more ideas to incorporate oatmeal into your breakfasts (either in flakes or in its other forms), you can learn about some of these oatmeal breakfasts that we have in another article.

Breakfast with avocado

Avocado is one of the best superfoods that populate today’s diets. You have no excuse not to include it in your breakfasts. The energy contribution that this small fruit achieves is high. It has vitamins, omega-3 and fiber, some of the components for a perfect breakfast.

You can prepare it the way you want: on toast, with egg, in smoothie, in sandwich … the possibilities are wide, and surely with this delicious fruit you will not go hungry the rest of the day and you will have an energetic and light breakfast.

Whole wheat bread sandwich with turkey, apple and cheese

A fantastic recipe to have a light breakfast but that provides strength to start the day. One of the breakfasts to lose weight that mixes sweet and salty flavors and gives us everything we need to face our day to day. Accompanied by your favorite healthy drink.

The turkey, proteins, the apple, vitamins and fiber, and the cheese, calcium and fats.

The three ingredients are low in calories and each one provides us with a different nutrient, so important to take into account, especially when analyzing what nutrients children need.


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