Liga Santander: Setin’s conflict with the ‘sacred cows’: “Sometimes the results do not depend on me” | LaLiga Santander 2019

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The Barcelona coach points to the locker room: “Maybe you have to sacrifice certain personal things for the benefit of the team.”

Quique Setin, Barcelona coach.

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    Aspas collapses Bara (2-2)

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    The tomb of Balados?

WhenQuique SetinHe signed with Barcelona last January, his eyes revealed the illusion of a child. That look has already lost all brilliance, emulating the process that, sooner or later, the tenants of the Barça bench tend to undergo. In Setin’s case, however, everything is shutting down too quickly. So much so that the wardrobe leaders no longer hide their resentment with the technical staff.

Whether in private meetings, or during games. The images ofLeo Messiignoring the advice the assistant intends to give youEder Sarabiain one of the hydration breaks in Balados, or the posterior mock ofLuis SurezSetin after the draw against Celta – “let all this be analyzed by the coach” – have placed the coach in a very delicate position.

And Setin, who is one of those who is not used to hiding in press conferences, far from dodging multiple questions about the last conflicts lived in the locker room, raised his chin: “We all have to give up a part of ourselves for the good of the team, including the footballers. You cannot carry out everything that one would like. This is a team, and the team must be current as such. Maybe you have to sacrifice certain personal things for the benefit of the group (. …) I have no problem admitting that this situation is new for me at this level (…) You are learning to do what you want.Time is putting everyone in their place

“I was not an easy player either”

Specifically questioned by Messi’s attitude in the aforementioned hydration pause and the later words of Luis Surez, Setin did not deny the mess: “It is true that there are always controversies, as in life. Everyone has their own way of thinking. It is normal that there are differences in the opinions of each other. But it has always happened. I was not an easy player either, and I understand it perfectly. ” Although he tried to naturalize everything: “They are specific questions to which I do not give any importance. I think that there is good communication and that the relationship I have with the players is also good.”

Although Setin also stirred when asked if he had lost strength in this twilight of the season: “Not at all. I feel exactly the same. And I will feel that way until the last day.The first thing I have to do is release my consciousness. I’m doing everything I know and can to make this go well, to win the games and play the best we can. It is what calms and relieves me the most. “

And raised his voice: “Sometimes the results don’t depend on me (…). I know that victories hide many thingsand that defeats always carry this. But I have already lived it everywhere I have been. When you win, you enjoy yourself. When he loses, he gets hooked.



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