Liam Gallagher went out rocking a boat on the Thames and promised a “heavenly announcement”

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The former Oasis surprised the unsuspecting Londoners who passed through the area, in the middle of the lockdown, and sent an alert from social networks.

One day after announcing that you have “exciting news” To communicate next Monday, November 9, Liam Gallagher was sailing on the River Thames and had the pleasure of rocking a bit during the journey.

This was captured by several cameras that later reproduced the moment on social networks. With this musical ride, the former member of Oasis, generated greater expectation about the announcements that it plans to make public next week.

Liam’s unexpected journey as the youngest of the Gallaghers up the Thames surprised everyone, including his fans. Liam chose a huge yacht to take a tour over the waters of the river while he performed some of his songs with his band.

The move is part of a presentation strategy for his next projects and that was recorded to add to the announcements. His fans are excited about a new album or at least, with the possibility of a concert via streaming, soon.

“I was walking on the Tower Bridge and I heard music coming from a boat down there and it turned out to be Liam Gallagher,” shared a user with a video of the moment on the Thames.

“Liam Gallagher casually floating down the River Thames tonight in London”, was the post that shared an account dedicated to the musician about this particular and improvised show.

In one of the shared videos, Liam performs his song from 2017, Greedy Soul, belonging to his debut solo album, As You Were. Through the photos, the musician and his band are more clearly distinguished, in addition to the lights and all the accessories that were used to decorate the ship.

The day before setting out to navigate the waters of the Thames, Gallagher had announced to his fans that they are ready to receive very exciting news the next Monday.

“Brothers and sisters, keep your eyes and ears open. I have a heavenly announcement What to do on Monday “, he had written from his Twitter account, generating a certain mystery. The suspense by the announcement was added by his aquatic journey, playing music while sailing the Thames aboard the yacht.

On the other hand, the former Oasis vocalist announced a few days ago that he will release a huge collection of vinyls from his latest album, Why Me? Why Not, at an obviously very creative and productive moment for the musician, despite the pandemic.

This special edition, ideal for fans of the British musician, will be available from November 27, it will contain 14 vinyls, each featuring a song from the latest album, plus an exclusive image of Liam Gallagher.

Just a few months after the pandemic was declared, Liam had a conciliatory gesture with his brother Noel, by proposing the reunion of his old Oasis group to perform a benefit concert for the NHS (the UK’s national health system). But there was no response from Noel.

Therefore, the millions of fans who still hope for a possible fraternal reunion of the group, leaving aside the irreconcilable differences that led to the dissolution of the group eleven years ago, it seems, will have to keep waiting.

For now, all eyes and ears are focused on the enigmatic announcement on Monday, after the musical walk on the Thames.



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