Regarding the advantages felt when it comes to working from home, 48% of employees appreciate the fact that they no longer spend time in traffic, 45% of them enjoy a more flexible work schedule, and 42% indicate as a major advantage that I can spend more time with my family. However, a quarter of Romanians feel that they have no privacy when they work, and 26% of them say that their emotional state has worsened.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has drawn attention since the first half of the year to the fact that physical and mental health care is essential. It is important to get up and move a little every half hour or so, to do gymnastics and take short breaks from the screens, for the health of your eyesight. The study shows that although 79% of Romanians consider that they are as efficient or more efficient than when they worked from the office, 44% of the respondents stated that they work more hours a day. If you are very busy at work, set alarms on your phone to periodically remind you to move and hydrate.

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Although for almost half of the respondents teleworking offers comfort in some respects, 56% of study participants indicated that they do not work in a suitable environment, do not have a comfortable desk or chair, and 36% of them consider that a larger monitor would give them an improved work experience.

According to the Reveal Marketing Research study, almost half of Romanians choose to work from the couch or at the kitchen table. An incorrect position in front of the laptop can be a big burden for our body – although most of us are aware of this, we tend to forget when working from the comfort of our home and give in to the temptation to work on the couch.

The place where you choose to work and the body posture you adopt are extremely important. The most uninspired solution is to sit on the couch with the laptop in your arms. Instead, use a chair with the height, position of the armrest and the inclination of the backrest as adjustable as possible. If you want to create an office for long-term work from home, it is worth investing in a quality chair, but if you have to use a regular chair, you can improve your comfort and posture with a pillow positioned on the seat of the chair.

Ideally, you should have a separate monitor and keyboard, and for spinal health, it’s a good idea to place the display at eye level. If you have to look too high or too low when working on the monitor, you will have a position that can put tension on your neck and shoulders. The foot of the latest monitor models is generally height-adjustable, and most LG monitors have adjustable height, tilt, and rotation so that they can be adapted to any working conditions.

The fact that we spend considerably more time than before the pandemic at home can have a number of negative psychological effects. Video games can provide a real common experience, and experts say it can also be a good tool for minimizing negative emotional states caused by isolation, with confirmation coming from 86% of study participants who said gaming helps them to relax during this period.

LG study on telework: although efficiency has increased, we work harder. Stress can be combated through video games

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Gaming offers a fast and easily accessible way to connect with a community and exercise our competitive spirit. Through online games we can stay in touch with friends, loved ones and even make new acquaintances – one in four respondents was helped by gaming to keep in touch with friends during the pandemic.

For starters, you don’t have to think about a big investment in equipment. To enjoy the world of gaming, all you need is a mid-range computer, a mouse pad, a keyboard, a pair of headphones with a microphone and a stable internet connection. As a beginner, it is worth choosing a monitor with a minimum diagonal of 24 inches and FullHD resolution, preferably an IPS monitor, for the gaming experience to be truly immersive.

The study was conducted in October 2020, on a sample of 600 people over the age of 18, from urban areas, who work partially or completely from home.