Originally debuting aboard the Lexus LS in 2018, the PKSB (Parking Support Brake) system, with three functions to make different phases of the parking process safer, and is now standard on Lexus ’smallest, oldest (European) model, the CT 200h hatchback – at least in Japan.

It’s intuitive parking aid function detects static obstacles in front of or behind the vehicle during low speed maneuvering as an intelligent parking radar. If it considers that there is a risk of a collision, it warns the driver with an audible signal or a flashing message on the car’s displays (depending on the type and equipment on the digital instrument panel, reversing camera screen or head-up display) and, if it does not respond, slows down or stops the vehicle by interfering with the control of the vehicle or actuating the service braking system, thus avoiding a collision or reducing its severity.

A rear cross-traffic warning function uses radar at the corners of the rear bumper to check the area behind the retractable Lexus. If a vehicle passes crossing and the system computer indicates that the two vehicles may be approaching each other dangerously, it shall alert the driver by means of an audible signal, a flashing symbol on the reversing camera or a pictogram in the corresponding exterior rear-view mirror. stops the car by activating the brakes. In this case, an additional warning message will appear on the displays available in the car. It can do exactly the same thing detecting a pedestrian passing behind a vehicle, anti – roll function with automatic braking.