If Lewis Hamilton would have been punished in the Russian GP, ​​it would have put the British in a precarious position. However, the top man in the World Series still can’t afford to bump into the rest of the season.

A start-up exercise done in the wrong place became expensive. In addition to a total time penalty of ten seconds, two penalty points were initially credited to Hamilton’s superlicense account.

They were later removed when the jury found the error to be more of a stable than a driver fault.

Now there are eight of them piled up for a year, with 12 bringing a one-race driving ban.

There will be no relief until November, when a year has passed since the oldest offense. So Hamilton has to be careful about the rest of the season that there are no forced flutes ahead.

It shouldn’t have happened

Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehdon thought the sanction was severe but justified.

– This was a pretty special case. Hamilton talked to his race engineer about (where to start), after all, Mersu must have heard the others. How did we not react that this could not happen, Järvilehto wonders.

The team therefore illegally instructed its driver on the correct starting point. The video above already considered in the right direction whether the punishment should have been applied to the stable instead of the driver.

– Yes, in this case, too, the whole team is punished. The expectation was to be driven from first place. Now it changed to third place. Stupidity was suffered, Järvilehto states.

The team is tight

A two-point relief does not completely remove the threat from Hamilton’s shoulders. There is still no reserve for errors. This applies to everything you do in all sessions. Care must be taken along with drills and time trials.

Järvilehto does not believe that caution greatly affects a professional’s performance, as it is also easy for Mersu to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the middle caste.

The sweat cranberries are guaranteed to rise to the side of Mersu employees.

– Now you have to be careful about everything. There is no room for extra stupid mistakes. The rules must be clearly controlled, Järvilehto instructs.

How did such a massive error even occur? In the video above, Jyrki Järvilehto analyzes.

Story edited 27.9. at 19.52: Modified story after the jury removed the penalty points from Hamilton.