Lewis Hamilton’s message to fans

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Probably, this is symbolic in its own way that Lewis Hamilton won his 91st victory on German soil, and by this indicator he caught up with Michael Schumacher, repeating the record that had been held since 2006. When Mick Schumacher handed Lewis his father’s helmet after finishing the race at the Nurburgring, the moment was truly moving.

After some time, Lewis posted an appeal on social networks in which he thanked the family of the seven-time champion for the high honor given to him, all the fans for their support, and also promised not to stop there.

Lewis Hamilton: “I just want you to share this special moment with me: today the family of Michael Schumacher gave me a great honor when they presented this helmet, in which he played in our team in 2012.

It is indeed a great honor, and I am also very grateful to all of you for the support that I have felt all these 14 years (since Hamilton’s debut in Formula 1), for believing in me, no matter how difficult it may be. I want to continue to share my positive energy with you, because we win together and we lose together too.

At the races I miss you, but I really hope that you are doing well and you are safe, although I understand that in this difficult time it is not easy to maintain a positive attitude. But I hope that moments like today help us to recharge with positive energy, and we will feel it in the coming week.

91 wins! I remember watching Formula 1 races with Michael in my youth – I have no doubt you watched them too. I remember how then my brother and I played computer games, and I imagined myself as Schumacher. In general, now I am experiencing a kind of surreal feeling, because I still play in the championship and over these 14 years I have won 91 victories, equal in this indicator to Michael.

I did not think about it until after the finish I turned into the pit lane, where I saw a banner on which it was written, and then I felt emotions like after my first victory. But I can say that winning races is not getting any easier, even though this is your first victory, even though it is 91st. But we’re not going to stop!

In general, we remain positive and continue to attack! Hope to see you soon! Take care of yourself!”

It is worth adding that the family of the seven-time world champion also issued a short statement congratulating Hamilton on this success: “Congratulations, this is an impressive achievement for a great driver! We cannot deny that we would like these records to stay with Michael, but as he always said: records are there to surpass them. “



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