Lewis Hamilton’s company car is, how could it be otherwise, a Mercedes. He social activism of the hexacampeón forces him to be very respectful with the environment as far as possible, and while he is out of a circuit, he wears a non-polluting car: a Mercedes EQC, he electric sports car of the German brand.

As modern as it is, at the moment, the automotive industry has not been able to end one of the great problems since the car with air-inflated tires was invented: they get flat. This is what happened to the British, who had to stop to fix it.

The irony about this problem is that it had to stop at precisely fuel station, which is the only place where an electric car does not need to go at all, unless it has a specific load point.

“We got a flat tire on the highway and had to stop at a gas station. It took me a minute to change the wheel, but once done, I was back on the road with my EQC. The best thing is not to have to refuel“congratulated the F1 driver, who this weekend will be in Portimao for the Portuguese GP.