Lewis Hamilton maintains its two interests parallel. For one thing, it’s a few days away from matching the legendary record of the no less mythical Michael sSchumacher of 91 victorias in Formula 1. Everything is ready for the British to reach that figure this weekend at the Russian GP, ​​a meeting in which Mercedes has always triumphed.

But the other great interest of the British is the fight for racial equality. Hamilton’s activism, which has also earned him much criticism due to the pressure he puts on the competition and the rest of the drivers, is focused precisely so that he becomes an example that black drivers can reach the top . Although for this there must be some more colored pilot.

“When I started my career in Formula 1 14 years ago I was the first colored driver and until now, sadly, it continues to be that way,” he reflected at the press conference prior to the appointment in Sochi. So Hamilton ask to react, and that measures are undertaken so that this anomaly ends as soon as possible and, above all, ask why it is not happening.

Hamilton has gone from words to deeds, for now with the creation of the call ‘Hamilton Commission‘to promote the arrival of black people into elite motorsport, either as engineers or as drivers.

In front of this will be Martin Whitmarsh, the one who was McLaren boss when Hamilton won his first World Cup. “Martin has been a key person in my career. I spoke with him every week when I was a child to help me, and it was interesting because he never saw my color as a problem,” he highlighted about him.

Regarding the controversy of Breonna Taylor’s jersey on the Mugello podium, Hamilton says he has not received any notice from the FIA ​​and does not rule out re-launching a similar protest.