The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has decided not to launch an investigation into Lewis Hamilton’s Sunday wearing a t-shirt. The FIA ​​spokesman confirmed this BBC:lle.

Hamilton dressed in the depot and after the race in a shirt demanding justice for the one shot in March Breonna Taylorille. Translated into Finnish, the shirt read “arrest the cops who shot Breonna Taylor”.

Police shot 26-year-old Taylor at his home in March while conducting a home search. In the case, the authorities involved have been allowed to continue in their duties, which has added petrol to the flames.

Hamilton took his t-shirt to raise a stance on the debate in his Instagram stories on Tuesday.

– I want you to know I’m not giving up. I will continue to use this platform to get attention to things I think are right. Thank you to all of you who have continued to support me and have shown love. I’m so grateful.

– This is a journey we have to travel together. We must challenge the world in all unfair matters, not just racism.

Strict rules

The FIA ​​was still wondering on Monday whether Hamilton’s shirt violated its Rule 1.2.

As a rule, FIA races or other activities do not take a position on issues such as ethnicity, color, politics or sexual orientation.

The FIA ​​has also signed the Olympic Spirit Principles, which prohibit “all demonstration, political, religious and racial propaganda”.

The F1 and FIA have launched an anti-racism campaign this season. Almost all drivers kneel before the race and wear shirts with the text End racism.

Hamilton has previously wore a Black lives matter shirt.