Lewis Hamilton has a chance to make a questionable history if he stumbles in the coming months.

The Mercedes superstar has earned ten penalty points for himself during the year. Brit is just two points away from the infamous 12-point milestone that would automatically produce him one race forced flute.

Two penalty points can be awarded for surprisingly small mistakes. The driver does not even have to crash, but penalty points can come, for example, for neglecting yellow flags or damage to the depot.

The lake grove would be tighter

Penalty points are a relatively new thing in formulas. The system has been introduced for years after Iltalehti’s F1 expert Jyrki Järvilehto drove his last race in the royal class.

Formula One loves the idea, but he misses a little filing for it.

– It’s been a little invisible. It really only came up properly now when Hamilton is on the verge of getting a ban.

Järvilehto would make the system stricter than at present.

– A ban on racing could come from a lower score. Eight would be a good number, Järvilehto says.

The F1 studio wondered: How did a silly mistake even come about? Why were the drivers punished? Does this have an impact on Hamilton’s final season run? Watch the video above.