Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes drove to the pole position at the last minute in the time of the Portuguese GP.

Hamilton climbed past Valtteri Bottas at the very end of the third time trial.

– I can’t describe how difficult it was. Valtteri has been really fast this weekend, he has been the fastest in every session. I decided to run three laps at the end to get a chance to cover his time. He decided to drive one, so I thought I might have a good chance of that, Hamilton repeated in the C More broadcast.

Hamilton also said that Mercedes gave both drivers options on what kind of tire mixtures the drivers drive for time trials. At the same time, drivers were allowed to choose how many laps they wanted to drive.

– The team communicates with us well, and they gave us options whether we drive with soft tire alloys or medium hard. Both decided to run on media. Bottas decided to run one lap, I three laps. I went to the track well in advance, Hamilton said and continued:

– It is very difficult for a hundred tires to work here. That’s why I wanted an extra round and it worked just fine.

The Portuguese Algarve track has garnered praise from spectators as well as drivers. There are a lot of altitude differences on the track, so the challenge is enough.

– There are places where you can’t see where you’re going. Sometimes just looking at the sky, understanding the brake seats is difficult when you don’t see any references. it’s one of the most challenging tracks, the surface is weird. It’s a smooth surface, and the tires don’t work in the same way as in Barcelona, ​​for example, Hamilton pondered.