Lewis Hamilton on how he celebrates his seventh title

Since the beginning of the season, drivers and teams have not had many free weekends when they can afford to just relax. There are still three Grand Prix ahead, but now that the main sporting tasks facing Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have been resolved, the seven-time world champion may be a little distracted from the races.

On his social media pages, he posted a short video of him playing tennis with his father, Anthony Hamilton. The comment to it is: “They ask me how you will celebrate? There is a whole life ahead, and there will still be time for that, but now I celebrate like this: I spend time with my family.

My dad and I are not good at tennis, but we try to work on ourselves. I always use the slice cut to defeat him, and he just can’t get it off. But today he finally won against me! “

It is recommended to watch the video by turning on the sound: then you will hear not only the strikes on the ball and the cheerful laughter of the participants in the fight, but also Roscoe’s barking.



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