Before the race, the British driver did a start-up exercise at the end of the depot road, where the car is not allowed to park.

The jury sent Hamilton a 2×5-second time penalty for this.

At the same time, the British scored two penalty points. Hamilton now has 10 penalty points.

Initially, it was speculated that up to a 12-point penalty point account would be filled. This could have meant Hamilton would be banned from competing for the next race.

However, it would have been far from certain, as there is a clause in the rules whereby, even after exceeding 12 points, there will be no ban on competition if the infringements are not dangerous.

In any case, there is still at least a lot of drama going on around the case.

Hamilton himself was amazed at his punishment. The driver asked on the team radio what happened.

– Where does the rule book say so? Brit wondered.

When the cars drive from the depot to the track and towards the starting grid before the race, the drivers get to stop to test their start. It has a designated place, at the end of the depot.

However, Hamilton performed his own far from this, on the long side of the track.