Lewis Hamilton lost the victory of the Italian GP as a result of a special episode. The case raised the penalty score on the British superlicense account to an already alarming level.

The Mercedes driver curved to change tires when the depot road was closed. The rules unequivocally outlined a ten-second stop and go penalty for the British driver, dropping Hamilton from first to last.

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More job mail came after the race when the rules of the series earned the man two more penalty points for a superlicense account. At the same time, the total rose to eight, the highest of all current drivers.

12 points gives the driver a non-compete, so Hamilton needs to be careful.

Points are valid for one calendar year from the date of sanction. Britain’s margin for future offenses is narrow, as Hamilton has snapped as many as six of his penalty points this season.

At the start of the season in Austria, he was punished with four points, for failing to sign yellow flags and Alexander Albonin with crashing.

The other two points are canceled from last year’s Brazilian race, when the British also clashed with Albon. That race was run on November 17th, so this season will advance by another six races before two points fall off the counts.

Accepted his punishment

After the race, Hamilton commented on the jury’s decision, which deprived him of an almost guaranteed victory.

Along with Hamilton, only Alfa Romeo Antonio Giovinazzi visited the depot while it was closed, so the British cannot plead general ignorance of the matter.

Hamilton accepted his sanction, although he found it very severe. Falling from a superior lead half a minute after the second to last car made the man’s afternoon strangely difficult.

– Hopefully this rule (closure of the depot) will be considered in the future. Now the sanction was severe, but I accept it.