Letter from one infected with persistent symptoms: “We still have the virus despite the time that has elapsed”

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On July 17, a family member was operated on the hip at the Quirón hospital in Alcorcón. They did a PCR and it tested positive. We went to visit him, obviously with a mask, using the gel and more than two meters from the patient. The next day she presented fever, as it continued and increased, the PCR was repeated and it was positive again. From there our ordeal began.

We hadn’t gone on vacation and they told us, so we turned around and returned to Madrid. They did the tests and all of us who went to visit him tested positive.

My first symptoms They were high fever and intense fatigue, to which were added some very acute pains throughout the body and sometimes in the head. The first two weeks they had to help me wash my hair because raising my arms was very painful.

Over time the symptoms have softened, but I began to hair loss, I started to lose weight and every single thing I did made me feel like I had run a marathon.

Since July 20 I have been confined together with my husband. After 15 days one of the doctors who treated him told him that we could go out. We demanded a new PCR, which in principle we were denied, although later the doctor who took me did it. That one tested positive, as did the following ones.

On September 8, I had a serological test and IgM and IgG were positive as well, which means, according to the Health protocol, that we still have the virus despite the time that has passed.

On September 17, a new doctor contacted us with the results and told me that as I have antibodies, for his part he discharges me, because I no longer have the virus.

I commented that my symptoms persistCurrently the pain is milder but still prevents me from sitting or standing for a long time, so I spend the day lying down.

I urged him to repeat the PCR to see the result and have greater security before seeing and hugging my family again, but he denied me that possibility under the new health protocol, which says that if you have antibodies you no longer have the virus.

For the same reason he informed me that he would discharge me (I have discharged until the 25th). I insisted that I cannot work because I cannot bear the pain and he decided that I continue to leave but that the reason will change, from “sick due to coronavirus” to “sick due to back and back pain”, and that he will consider sending me to a traumatologist to see the reason for my condition.

I told him that in the ER they told me that I had acute inflammation and that these pains were symptoms of the coronavirus and possibly they would last me for months. But there has been no way to dialogue with him, the reason for the withdrawal has changed and he has not wanted me to do a confirmation PCR.

From my point of view, and according to my experience in these months, Health has changed the protocols to reduce the statistics of infected in the Community of Madrid, but without taking into account that a health protocol cannot always be strictly applied to all patients and without taking into account the psychological factor that this disease entails.

Today you cannot say that if you have positive IgM, IgG and PCR you can infect and you must remain confined (as is my case and that of my husband) and the following week say that if you have positive IgG but with antibodies you can lead a normal life.

I cannot tell you about the odyssey of calls that I am making to solve this (Covid phone, 060, 061, patient care, community of Madrid) and everything is sticky and long, less in the Health Inspection that corresponds to Móstoles where they have finally listened to me. The worst thing is the feeling that they have no idea and that we are not protected by those who should.

Fortunately, the SEMC (Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians) is collaborating with the persistent coronavirus associations to improve care for these patients, homogenizing the care procedure and looking for consistent answers.

* María Teresa Arias Ledo lives in Móstoles Madrid.

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