Earlier this year saw images taken around the world of supermarket hygiene shelves yawning in their emptiness.

Well, that toilet paper didn’t run out.

The British have apparently not learned from the events of the spring. Now toilet paper is being hoarded again in panic.

New restrictions take effect

Prime minister Boris Johnson announced new tough interest rate restrictions on Tuesday. Restaurants and pubs will be closed from 10 pm this Thursday, the use of masks is mandatory for both staff and guests in the restaurants, although food may be eaten without a mask while sitting at the table.

Wedding parties can be held, but a maximum of 15 people can attend. Everyone is encouraged to telecommute whenever possible.

There are plenty of other restrictions and Johnson said there will be more if the second wave of the corona is not brought under control. The current restrictions are expected to last six months.

There are no problems with availability

This apparently frightened many people so that the hoarding of toilet paper began again. Among other things, supermarket chains Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s‘s, Lidl and Aldi all stated, however, that the products were not out of stock.

Director of Food and Other Supplies for the British Retailers Association Andrew Opie urged people to calm down.

– Supply chains are stronger than ever. We do not anticipate that there will be any problems with the availability of food or other products, Opie Mirror told Online.

– We encourage people to consider others and shop in the same way as normal.