Leopoldo Luque’s new optimistic medical report on Diego Maradona’s condition: “The recovery amazes us”

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The neurosurgeon who operated on the star was confident about the evolution of the Gymnastics coach.

“The recovery amazes us.” With these four words, the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque showed a optimism eloquent at the door of the Olivos Clinic, where on Tuesday he operated on Diego Maradona for a subdural hematoma at the base of the brain.

“Most complications arise very early. The 24 hours are the most critical and there are the most frequent complications. That didn’t happen and I’m happy“, summed up the doctor.

“You have to be cautious, because Diego is undergoing a neurosurgery postoperative, but his recovery amazes us,” Luque insisted. “The mood is a good symptom. He has no neurological compromise. We are optimistic. “

Neurosurgeon and specialist in brain and spinal interventions, Dr. Luque (MN 160588) had the phone ring in 2016. A friend of mine told him that Maradona was looking for a neurologist and it occurred to him that Luque and his partner Ariel Sainz, with whom they lead the Columna Baires medical center, could be chosen.

From that moment, Luque’s life had a before and after. “We couldn’t believe it. ‘What Diego? Diego Maradona?’ , because we were very nervous, “recalled at the time the man in whose hands is the health of the greatest soccer player in the history of Argentine football.

“I just saw him well connected, in a very good mood, he asked for water and was even joking with a ‘Get it out of Luque’. This has happened to us with Diego, “said the young doctor.

About when the TenLuque preferred extreme caution. “It’s too early to talk about discharge. He is under intensive care control and I tell them what the therapists transmit to me and what I observe. This is day to day. From seeing it this morning to seeing it now, one gets excited. I am happy“the doctor graphed.

In Diego’s close circle they assure that Luque is the person Maradona listens to the most. This is not why he has been exempt from twists and turns in the relationship. The same doctor revealed that in recent weeks he had felt the reluctance of the Gymnastics DT, who had postponed his physical exercise routine and the diet that had given him such a good effect during the quarantine in which Diego intensified his training and lost more than 10 kilograms.

During these four years, the main mission of the neurosurgeon was to improve the motor skills of the Ten, plagued by pain in his knees and ankles. But the bond became much closer, professionally and personally, since Diego settled in the country (after the steps in Dubai and Culiacán) and there he was able to start outpatient treatment.

Luque was born in Lanús and lives in Adrogué with his wife and two children. He is the namesake of the former Santa Fe forward world champion in 1978, but his relationship with football is limited to the amateur sphere. “You have round feet,” Diego joked when they kicked for a while in the park at Brandsen’s house.

Luque received an honorary degree for his studies at the University of Buenos Aires and began his career there with an ad honorem assistantship in the chair of Neurosurgery at the Faculty of Medicine. Then he worked six years at the Barceló Foundation and since 2017 he worked at the German Hospital and El Cruce.

Since 2019 he is one of the directors of Columna Baires, an establishment that aims to solve spinal pathologies with minimally invasive interventions and rapid recovery.



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