Leonel Pernía, the champion who returned to fight in the Super TC2000

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El Tanito won the qualifying race and will start ahead in the final of the event that will be run this Sunday at the Gálvez. Carburando will transmit, from 9.30. Rubens Barrichello was excluded.

The champion returned. Leonel Pernía, who proudly displays the No. 1 on the sides of the Renault Fluence, retaliated for a weekend to forget. After the abandonment on the opening date, the Super TC2000 monarch dominated, until now, the second date of the season, by winning the qualifying race.

Thus, Pernía appears as the main candidate for the second final of the year of the Super TC2000, which will begin this Sunday at 11.37 and will be broadcast live by the Carburando team, on the screens of El Trece and TyC Sports, from 9.30, along with the TC 2000 and the Formula 2.0 Renault.

One week ago, the most technological category in the region opened the curtain on a season that will be unforgettable for many reasons: for the premiere of the technical regulations, for the arrival of the star Rubens Barrichello, and obviously due to the opening in the middle of a pandemic that delayed the calendars for six months.

After the experience on circuit N ° 8 a week ago, now the Super TC2000, which remained throughout the week at the Buenos Aires property, use track No. 9 this weekend, the one with the Mixed and the classic descent of the “Slide”. And about this drawing, Pernía is implacable.

After the penalties to the first of the previous race, Pernía started from the front, supposedly cared for by his teammate, Matías Milla. However, in the first few meters, the surprise was capital: the two drivers of the Renault official team brushed against each other, and Franco Girolami’s Fiat Cronos slipped in there, and with an excellent maneuver jumped from third to first place before reaching the curve. .

In just four laps, Pernía regained its leadership status to manage the differences in its favor. Girolami was gradually delayed, until some mechanical inconveniences (in the box) sidelined it to the bottom.

“I was surprised by the start. First because of the touch we had with Matías, and then because of Franco’s very good game. I was careful to travel at 78 km / h (the limit is 80 when it starts) and as soon as I realized it, I already had Girolami on par “, was Pernía’s explanation to Clarion.

Regardless of his privileged condition at the start, the winner highlighted the team’s reaction to condition the Fluence for the final: “The rain was torrential. And we did all the batches with a wet floor. The track just dried up when we left for the qualifying race. For that we had to change the set up of the car and, in addition, with the uncertainty of knowing if it worked compared to the rivals “, confessed the champion.

Beyond Renault’s 1-2, very neat and productive was the performance of Juan Ángel Rosso from Cordoba, who reached the podium with the Honda. “I am very happy, because this is an achievement of the team that made so much sacrifice in this half year without activity”, indicated the pilot, who commanded the “Little train of the Honda” with Juan Manuel Silva and Nicolás Moscardini.

Regardless of what happened ahead, Agustín Canapino (Chevrolet) and Matías Rossi (Toyota) relived the fantastic duel of a week ago, although this time the definition was in favor of the Gazoo Racing driver. About the end Rossi overtook his rival and entered the points zone.

And deep down, Brazilian Rubens Barrichello starred in a curious incident, in which he hit and took his partner, rookie Hernán Palazzo, out of the race, who was thrown off the track. For that maneuver, the ex-Formula 1 driver was sanctioned with exclusion.

The Super TC2000 is getting ready for the second finale of the season. It will start at 11:37, about 35 laps. Pernía wants to add the good points that he did not achieve 7 days ago. The Hondas will push forward, while Rossi and Canapino will seek one more step in the rich history of fantastic matchups.



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