The threat of Leo messi to leave the FC Barcelona made more than one club take accounts to study its incorporation. One of them was Paris Saint Germain, just like Leonardo, the sports director of the French club, acknowledged in an interview.

The former Brazilian footballer stated that “when we found out that he wanted to leave Barcelona, we think about it“in a meeting on Canal +, where he also admitted that” we asked ourselves if it could be a possible signing “.

The sporting director explained that it was worth the effort because “these players are completely out of the ordinary.”

Leonardo also pointed out that PSG continue planning next season and that Camavinga It is one of his objectives, since “he is a player we are observing”.

Of course, he clarified that “its price before the COVID-19 pandemic was around 90 million euros … and now all the big clubs need to sell to comply with the financial Fair Play “and that”the problem is that nobody buys“after the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus.