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Italian sports journalist Leo Turini has followed the success of Ferrari on Formula 1 circuits for several decades, and, of course, most of all loves those periods in the history of the team when it won races and championships. In one of these periods, Scuderia was led by Stefano Domenicali, and now Turini is sincerely happy with his expected appointment to the post of Executive Director of Formula 1.

The fact that Stefano Domenicali is about to become the next Ecclestone does not surprise me. When his appointment is officially confirmed, it will be very good news for Formula 1.

Another thing is surprising: why was he never called from Turin, Maranello or Detroit? Someone may remember that even before all the troubles that 2020 brought us, I openly expressed my opinion, believing that Stefano would be ideal for the role of President of Ferrari.

He loves the brand, is well versed in the corporate universe and, of course, he is a passionate fan of Formula 1. Finally, as head of Lamborghini, which competes with Ferrari in the sports car market, he has achieved enormous professional success.

I’ll tell you more: if John Elkann, head of the Fiat Chrysler concern, called Domenicali, Stefano would accept such an offer. But that never happened.

I will add something else: Jean Todt is the president of the FIA, Ross Brown works in the leadership of Formula 1, and Domenicali may soon lead him. Agree, after all, my favorite Ferrari was very good!



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