Lenovo would compete with the Redmi Note 9 Series with its Lemon Series

In recent days Redmi finally put a date on the announcement of its next stellar series of midrangers: the Redmi Note 9 Series will face the public on November 26. To answer you, Lenovo would launch a new Lemon Series after years of being abandoned for lack of competitiveness.

Strictly speaking, we do not know if the Lemon Series will be exactly the one that will face the Redmi Note 9 Series; just that Lenovo plans to launch at least six smartphones to compete against the three new Redmi. And we can firmly support that because Lenovo’s new series of smartphones answers Redmi’s in its official teaser.

Design details of the possible Lenovo Lemon Series

Years ago Lenovo competed in the budget smartphone market with its Lemon series. It was abandoned after it proved to be uncompetitive but recently the Chinese company declared that the Lemon series would return to the Chinese market very soon. Here then comes the official teaser that we can see right up here.

In it we can see what appears to be the top end, albeit turned upside down, of three different smartphones. It is safer to assume that it is the upper extremes rather than the lower ones since there is no set of midrangers That dispenses with a considerable of its lower bezel.

That could, in turn, mean that these newcomers Lenovo Lemon would have a pop-up front camera, since they hardly risk premium-end technology like intra-display camera modules.

As for the huge number six that stands out in red on the base of this poster it could be anything but especially one of two. Either Lenovo is preparing six smartphones to compete against the three in the Redmi Note 9 Series or the new Lenovo Lemon Series would reintroduce itself to the world of mobile telephony with its sixth generation.

In any case, everything indicates that Lenovo will launch a new Lemon Series in the coming days. Its teaser does not reveal an exact release date but it is hardly far from November 26, the date on which its main competitors plan to announce the Redmi Note 9 Series.

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