Lemon: what are its benefits, properties and nutritional value

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Lemon, like all fruit, is a great ally for the health of the body. Here, 10 benefits and their nutritional value.

He lemon it is one of the most renowned fruits of recent years. As many myths as truths are told about him. Among the false beliefs, it is claimed that taking it on an empty stomach burns saturated fats, that it loses weight or that it provides all the vitamin C that the body needs. There is no scientific evidence to support these beliefs, but it does have other types of virtues that can be listed. So, What are its benefits, properties and nutritional value?

Rich in vitamin C, citrus bioflavonoids and potassium, the lemon It may not have the magical properties that some attribute to it, but without a doubt its nutrients make it a great ally to take care of health (like other fruits and vegetables). Originally from Asia, it is currently produced in different parts of the world. Here, its 10 benefits:

It is important to note that for these benefits to work or be appreciated, as well as those provided by any other fruit or vegetable, must be accompanied by habits and a healthy diet. He lemon by itself it is not a source of health.

Energy value: 33 kcal

Carbohydrates: 5.9 g

Proteins: 0.9 g

Total fat: 0.6 g

Fibra: 2,8 g

Sodio: 6 mg

Potasio: 103 mg

Vitamina A: 1 µg (microgramo)

Vitamina C: 62,6 mg

Tiamina (Bi): 0,09 mg

Riboflavina (B2): 0,01 mg

Niacin (B3): 0.1 mg


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