The life of Ronnie O’Sullivan, one of the best players of snooker (as professional billiards is known) of all time, it makes for one or several movies. Until a producer is encouraged, he will tell in a documentary series on ‘Eurosport’ how his successes have been to reach the figure of six world championships.

Welsh counts on ‘Joy of Six‘some of his most curious intimacies, such as what led him to spend a sabbatical year and what he dedicated himself to at that time. Among other things, he wrote a biographical book and worked as a volunteer in a job completely removed from the usual places where he practices his discipline. It was volunteer at a pig farm for almost two months.

“I have to be honest: it was hell!”, Confesses in the advance of one of the chapters of the series. “It was great because there was no pressure, but when I was there taking care of the pigs you had to get in there and it sucked “Remember, now smiling in those days.

The reason for making such a decision was to stay active. “I didn’t get up until 11 or 12 in the morning, I was getting super lazy. I thought I needed a volunteer job, because I didn’t want a paid job where they told me what to do. At least I had the option of saying I don’t. But that doesn’t go with me, if I say I’ll do something, I’ll do it, “he confesses.

‘The Rocket’ has a tough personal history, marked by the alcoholism and depression. However, he has overcome it by focusing on snooker, where he has become a legend with a career of more than 28 years, and which has no signs of ending anytime soon.