Legend Wars: Hayden Christensen’s daughter won’t know her father was Darth Vader

Hayden Christensen in addition to Rachel Bilson didn’t tell their own little girl that the former played Darth Vader, the Star Wars very villain. Because? We will tell you.

A few days after the bomb that Hayden Christensen will resume the part of Darth Vader in the Tv shows Obi Wan KenobiLet’s talk about this actor and villain he encountered in the second and third videos of the second trilogy of war of stars (or earlier if we like to proceed in chronological buy in the saga). You would never envision, however Christensen – to which this role at the time of Star Wars: Episdio II – Attack of the Imitations e Star Wars: Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith – never told his daughter he was the show’s ultimate villain.

We are not a little surprised, but it is likewise true that the child is only 6 years old and some scenes in the videos with the father could upset her. However, this is not what drives Father Hayden Christensen and mom Rachel Bilson to keep the child at night about the truth. In a recent appointment with Us Weekly, the Bilson the girl would have said about it: “Fortunately, she doesn’t know that her father is amongst the worst bad guys of all time frame. When the time comes to tell him, I don’t know in the event she’ll have to pay the price in school for the reason that no one else want to be with her. “

The sweet half of Hayden Christensen the girl seems overly concerned. It’s accurate that Darth Vader alias Anakin Skywalker he is evil, yet he had his reasons for indulging in this dark side of the force and regardless of the many wrongdoings he still thing you have not done it. And even if he has not regretted it and hasn’t unveiled his true identity, he nonetheless remains one of the coolest characters inside the saga. In short, what if we were the tiny one? ChristensenWe would be proud to possess such a father.


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