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25. November

Mariah Carey is sued by her brother

Mariah Carey, 50, could soon meet her brother in court. Morgan Carey, 60, wants to file a lawsuit against the singer, as the “Sun” reports. His sister “got out of hand”, he explains, referring to her biography “The Meaning of Mariah Carey”, published in September 2020, which is “full of lies”. The sibling relationship has been broken for many years. This is obviously also reflected in Mariah’s memoirs.

In it, the soul diva claims that Morgan allegedly once accepted a contract killing for 30,000 dollars (around 25,000 euros), but then did not carry it out. The 60-year-old is apparently furious about this statement and explains that parts of the biography were made up, his sister was on the verge of a “breakdown”.

A state in which he wanted to see her back in 2001. At that time he was caring for the singer, explains Morgan. Mariah was admitted to a hospital. Her mother even had to call the police beforehand. “It is heartbreaking to see my little sister dive into this hateful, revisionist chatter because it is so reminiscent of her behavior during her first breakdown,” he explains.

Morgan vehemently denies his famous sister’s claims and now wants to go to court. “These so-called ‘memoirs’ are full of lies and distortions from start to finish. I can prove it,” he says.

24. November

Leona Lewis and husband Dennis want to fulfill their desire to have children

About a year after their dream wedding in Tuscany, Leona Lewis, 35, and Dennis Jauch, 31, are thinking about having offspring together. “I want to have children, but Dennis and I also talked about adoption,” reveals the “Bleeding Love” interpreter in an interview with “Stella” magazine. Your thought about adopting a child has a moving background. “My mother grew up in a children’s home. Nobody adopted her as a child, and I would really love to adopt.” But she still has to be clear about this decision, explains the singer. Choreographer Dennis, on the other hand, seems completely ready for the father role. “If it were up to my husband, we would have had children yesterday.”

23. November

Are Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas engaged?

Three months ago, Ben Affleck, 48, and Ana de Armas, 32, had shown themselves together in public for the last time, and speculation quickly arose that the two were separated. But because of! While filming, the two actors were caught by paparazzi during a break in shooting in a pretty clear pose: smooching! Several publications, including “The Sun”, show the Pictures in which Ben and Ana look like teenagers newly in love.

What is also noticeable on this next to the two lovebirds: Ana wears an oversized ring on HER finger. Did Ben propose to her? It would be possible, after all, the two have been falling in love since the beginning of this year and are very happy with each other. It is more likely, however, that the ring on Ana’s finger is a Requsite of the film that the two are currently making together. Ben and Ana met on the set of the erotic thriller “Deep Water”. Due to problems with the post-production, individual scenes now apparently have to be re-shot.

Source used: The Sun, Stella

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