Leeds stumbled – lost after sour backwards

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(Leeds – Wolverhampton 0-1) They could advance to third place in the Premier League. On better goal difference than Liverpool. But then Kalvin Phillips used his head – the wrong way.

The reunion with Leeds United in the English top division has been a real joy. Not just for those who took “Super-Leeds” to heart in the 70’s. But also for those who love offensive football of the best brand.

Leeds scored no less than seven goals in the first two rounds of the Premier League. They did start with a loss to Liverpool (4-3), but beat Fulham by the same numbers in the next match, before beating Sheffield United (1-0) and playing a draw (1-1) against Manchester City.

Leeds opened at home on Elland Road on Monday night. They had the ball in goal after seven minutes. However, Patrick Bamford’s header was ruled offside. And they were probably also cheated for punishment when Hélder Costa was put down inches within the death line.

The guests from Wolverhampton seemed awkward in the first half. But they recovered considerably after switching sides when it looked like Leeds had collapsed. They had – like Leeds the ball in goal – but the goal of Romain Saïss was disallowed after VAR offside.

But Wolverhampton had more in stock. But they needed help. Significant help. Raúl Jiménez – one of five Portuguese in the starting line-up for “The Wolves” – did a wonderful job with the ball and legs on his own. He knocked to, and via the head of Kalvin Phillips, changed the ball direction and ended up in goal.

Wolverhampton picked up on the same score as Arsenal and Leicester. Nine points. And sixth place on the table. Now they have won two in a row with 1-0. Jiménez was very pleased with that when he was interviewed on TV 2.

– It is difficult to score against one such teams like Leeds. But it feels good to win at this stadium, against this tough team. We showed character in the second half. Then we had the ball much more, and got chances, says Raul Jiménez.

Correction: It was stated in an earlier version of the case that it was an own goal by Leeds’ Kalvin Phillips. However, Raul Jiménez’s shot was aimed at the goal and thus he was also awarded the goal. This was changed at 23.17.


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