Leclerc – Light car in F1 sprint races is reminiscent refueling days

Charles Leclerc took part in the first ever Formula 1 sprint race. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc liked to race without fuel aboard and compared the experience to times when fuel was scarce.

Saturday afternoon’s race was not for qualifying for the British Grand Prix, but it was the first sprint race in F1. The race was 17 laps long and determined the winner of Sunday’s pole position. The race was relatively short and drivers were able to start it with relatively lightweight cars. Charles LeclercPlease. Please. FerrariThe fourth-placed driver started the sprint race in fourth position. He held this position until the end, partly due to Fernando Alonso’s hold on the McLarens Lando norris and Daniel Ricciardo during the opening phase. He can therefore start the race on Sunday from fourth.

According to Leclerc it made a “big difference” in the sprint race by using less fuel. It reminds Leclerc of pre-2010 F1 where refuelling was allowed during races. “It’s very pleasant. These conditions are my favorite. It reminds me of refueling. It feels great and it allows us to push harder,” said Monegask in response to a question. “Unfortunately, we are unable to push for 17 laps. So it was nice to be able now.”

Friday Qualification Positive

Leclerc can also approve the F1 sprint races. “Honestly, I loved it. This format is my favorite for now. Sprint qualifying isn’t as exciting in some races, but it makes every day of the weekend more interesting. Leclerc said, “Normally, I am bored in the car on Friday. But this time it was more thrilling.” “There was more to gain by pushing from the start of VT1 to be ready for qualifying. Sprint qualifying was great because you could push for 17 laps straight, but I love the change on Friday. It’s much more fun for drivers to have Friday qualifying.”

The reactions to sprint qualifying so far have been positive. The format has few real competitors and, despite some points for improvement, Toto Wolff sees a bright future for the F1 Sprint. Leclerc does not know whether he believes that the maximum number of races is four to five, but he thinks so. “I don’t know, I think it’s too early to make a decision on that. Although we’ve done it once, and haven’t yet raced in the feature race, that doesn’t change my opinion. It will be interesting to see how the track performs on other tracks. Let’s wait and see.”


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