The debate in the American media is now open. Is LeBron James already at the height of Michael Jordan? Is your career even superior to that of the one considered the best basketball player in history? They are the questions that are asked across the pond after The King have reached their 10th NBA Finals, the eighth in nine years.

At dawn from this Wednesday to Thursday (3 hours) face Los Angeles Lakers, clear favorites to take to the champion ring, before the amazing Miami Heat, a team that nobody counted on but that made it into the final round thanks to their collective effort, solidarity on the court … and talent, also a lot of talent. Led by Jimmy Butler, finally vindicated as a great star of the league, next to him the figure of Bam adebayo, a modern pivot who distributes the game as if it were a point guard. The irruption of the very young forward Tyler Herro (first player born in the 2000s to play an NBA Finals) has astonished the world, while Goran Dragic He continues to perform at the All-Star level on the big nights despite his 34 years.

The excellent shooter Duncan Robinson, the specialist Jae Crowder (character, defense and triples) and the legend André Iguodala (he will play his sixth consecutive Finals) are other luxury secondary to whom Erik Spoelstra has managed to get a spectacular performance.

It is precisely the coach of the Heat one of the great winners of these playoffs. After winning two NBA rings (2012-13) and reaching four Finals (2011-14) leading the megaestrellas LeBron James, Dwayne Wade y Chris Bosh, has now left the Florida team on the brink of glory with a team that in his concept is radically different.

Although the Miami Heat have been giving one surprise after another andliminando a los Milwaukee Bucks de Giannis Antetokounmpo (who had the best record of the regular season) and a los Boston Celtics (thus avoiding the great NBA Classic in the Finals), there is no doubt that the favorites are the Los Angeles Lakers for two reasons with their own name: LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

With the arrival of Davis last summer (in exchange for a good handful of talented youngsters), the Angelenos brought in what is probably the most dominant interior of the competitionn. A player with a great impact near the rim and also far from him, for the memory is his triple on the horn against the Denver Nuggets that left the tie mortally wounded by making it 2-0.

But the spotlights are going to point to Orlando, the bubble where these are disputed playoffs, To a man: LeBron James. At 35 years old, on the way to 36, not only has his performance not dropped one iota but he looks better than ever, joining his physical exuberance that he still maintains despite his age, a game reading at the height of the best bases in history that have led him to be the league’s top assistant for the first time in his carrer.

The numbers (26.7 points, 8.9 assists and 10.3 rebounds per game) that he averages in these playoffs make it clear that LeBron remains for a while, but beyond those statistics is the dominance over the game you have reached, the feeling that you can win games whenever you want.

Your goal already it’s not just earning your fourth ring (He has two with Miami, precisely, and one with Cleveland), is to enlarge the legend. He is already unanimously one of the best in history, but he was still considered a notch below Jordan. If the Lakers win, the debate about who is the best ever will be more open than ever.