Vocalist LeAnn Rimes, 38, posted a bold update on Instagram.

In a recent photo, she poses naked, revealing traces of psoriasis on her skin. Psoriasis is a serious skin condition that can cause symptoms on the skin, joints and nails. The singer’s body shows numerous, reddish and dry patches in the picture.

At the same time, the singer speaks openly about how big a thing it was for him to release an update in which he reveals his illness. However, the right moment for transparency had come.

– Music is my gift and the reason why I’m here. But I want to give voice to my other pieces as well. I want to give a voice to something that many people go through. Now is finally my time to be shamelessly honest about psoriasis and what it looks like, Rimes writes.

The singer says that publishing the image and text is a great relief for him.

– Do you know that feeling when you’ve kept something inside you for a long time, and then you finally sigh with relief? That’s what these pictures are for me. I needed this. My whole body, my mind, my spirit desperately needed this.

In the comment field of the picture, fans of the singer praise the bold release he made. Many have also told their own stories in the comments field.