Leandro Bolmaro, hours after the great news of his arrival in the NBA: ‘This was not given to me by anyone’

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The Cordovan told all his emotion after a night in which he practically did not sleep. “I’m kind of in shock,” confessed the future Minnesota Timberwolves player.

The smile is not erased. It is not the webcam that is labeled; it is so. Accompany that feeling of floating, of looking down and not being able to touch the ground. Leandro Bolmaro is in the sweetest limbo, in one of those few moments of relaxation offered by the busy life of the professional athlete. This Friday it will be time for him to wrap himself up again in the clothes of Spanish Barcelona, ​​but there will be time for that. At this time, the most repeated word of the future man of the Minnesota Timberwolves, who traded him to the New York Knicks in the NBA draft, is “enjoy.”

“I have enormous joy, I can’t explain how I feel because I still haven’t fallen for everything that happened to me last night. It was all very fast, I am enjoying the moment, falling a little ”, says Cebolla from Barcelona. His eyes, little ones, are evidence of the undoubted: the few hours of sleep. “I slept for just two hours. I have an emotion! I’m like in shock, I don’t know … ”, she tries to elaborate with her fresh 20 years on the surface.

It will be a long talk between Clarion Y the highest-ranked Argentine in draft history, the choice for which the NBA awards new talent. That selection in the 23rd position by New York, which was given to Minnesota in exchange for elections 25 and 33 but will remain in Barcelona at least for the rest of this season, is already in the great history of Argentine basketball.

Bolmaro’s name spoken by Commissioner Adam Silver was long overdue. As this medium had anticipated, there was confidence in the player’s inner circle to be chosen between picks 20 and 25. He did not care too much.

“From the beginning I was already anxious, nervous, I wanted to know,” Leandro admits. But later, fine. There were some tears of emotion because I never imagined having this opportunity to be in the draft, to be chosen in the first round, to be made by a great franchise like this one that I love, that has great players and is going to help me a lot. I am very grateful and happy ”.

Those minutes seemed eternal, contrary to what has been happening in the boy’s life. The vertigo when completing its journey of the last five tide. This Friday marks the four years of his title in the National Combined Events Cup in Santa Fe in the U18 category. He was only 16 years old.

-What did you see closer then, an Olympic Games on the court or an NBA parquet?

-Mmmm, a parquet, a parquet (laughs). Athletics I really liked. My mom wanted me to do track and field; my dad, basketball; and my sister was in the middle. In the end I chose basketball because I had my friends and I think I made the right decision. Now I am enjoying this.

-It happened very quickly. What do you see when you look back?

-I am 20 years old, I am very young. It seems like more years have passed, but it’s only four. At that time I was in my city, playing … I don’t believe it yet. It gives me great joy and it is thanks to the sacrifice that I make every day.

The two most emblematic players in Argentine history were chosen in the draft, like Bolmaro, and with very opposite feelings. For Luis Scola, the NBA was an obsession and being chosen in the second round (2002) was a blow to the heart. Manu Ginobili, in 1999, did not even know that he had been chosen because he was sleeping in a selection camp in Macapá, Brazil. How did the credit of the Rods feel?

“Since I was little I always watched the NBA, Manu, to Luis, and he followed her, but doing athletics and basketball at the same time, he didn’t give her much ball either. When I went to Bahía Blanca, after leaving athletics, I began to take basketball more seriously, and that’s when I got the most desire to arrive and have this opportunity one day, “he says. Onion.

“As the draft date approached, the anxieties and nerves grew,” acknowledges who turned two decades on September 11. In those moments, it was worth the contribution of Nikola Mirotic, Spanish nationalized Montenegrin crack who already went through the NBA and today is his partner in Barcelona, ​​as well as Alex Abrines, who also played the league.

“When the talks with the teams went by, I asked them about everything, the same when the draft came … I fed them up, they must be up to the balls of me,” he says without holding back laughter. “But hey, I was anxious. They always helped me a lot, they were open to answering everything, to help me manage those nerves so that I could enjoy myself, because sometimes it was complicated ”, recognizes the perimeter.

“I always enjoy it. You have to be focused, but when I enter the field I have a great time and I don’t think about anything, just having fun and doing my best for the team. It’s what I love,” he confesses.

-Did you feel like a Knicks player?



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