Leaked poster of the Nokia 8000 4G and the Nokia N95 smartphone that never was

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Nokia seems to be the main protagonist of the day with lots of interesting news. On the one hand, the official teaser of the Nokia 8000 4G, the next nostalgic smartphone from the Finnish manufacturer. And, on the other hand, the channel Mr. Mobile from the social network YouTube reveals that the Nokia N95 it was close to being a smartphone.

Juho Sarvikas provided the youtuber, as well as to all users through their social networks, a prototype of the more modern Nokia N95 showing the experimental intentions of HMD Global to launch a smartphone based on the successful Nokia N95, one of the best cell phones of the year 2007.

Design details for the Modern Nokia N95 and Nokia 8000 4G

The prototype we see in the video above looks totally different from any smartphone we have seen from HMD Global. And in particular he has focused the design of this modern Nokia N95 on the distinctive feature of the successful smartphone of that time: its design with mechanism. slider.

Nokia’s CPO Juho Sarvikas even posted a render illustrating the different types of sliders they tried when creating the Nokia N95 smartphone prototype. On its back we can see a protruding ring whose purpose was to give the device a supporting foot.

The idea was that this Nokia N95 worked as a multimedia content player with high quality audio and video. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, the smartphone in question could not be. Hopefully this is a way to advertise a design could still be.

Speaking of sliders and from old glories in the past days the first rumors about a modern version of the Nokia 8800 had arisen. Today, thanks to the site WinFuture, We have the first leaked image of this Nokia 8000 4G: a poster with all the appearance of being official that has the courtesy to show us its design.

In addition, WinFuture published several of the features of the Nokia 8000 4G in question: a 2.8-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 240×320 pixels, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, a 2MP rear camera, a battery removable 1500mAh and KaiOS as its operating system.

Sadly, the Nokia N95 was close to being a smartphone but it hasn’t happened. Instead, we’ll have to settle – for now at least – for a more modern version of the less attractive but equally memorable Nokia 8800.

Source: WinFuture (in German)


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