– This is a marathon for the rest of your life. The mouse step moves forward.

This is how it crystallizes Taavi Vartiainen, Duunari pier transferred from Pelicans to Ilves.

A guard, 26, suffers from bipolar disorder.

– Sometimes there are worse episodes, sometimes smoother, he characterizes.

– Last year’s August onwards I have been to a psychiatrist. First, depression was diagnosed and medications were prescribed that caused the bipolar disorder to have the opposite reaction, i.e., went to the manic side.

Hospital trips

Bipolar disorder includes episodes of depression and mania. Between episodes of illness, the patient may be asymptomatic or suffer from, for example, milder depressive symptoms.

– At first I wondered why it worked properly or got out of bed, Vartiainen says.

– Last year I burned myself out. When the others were at the closing party, I went to the hospital.

The illness has twice taken Vartiainen to hospital.

– I’ve been huilailemassa as depression or mania has taken a psychotic state. At that time, the keys were no longer in their own hands.

With few dreams

During periods of mania, the patient goes hard.

– Self-confidence is high, money may go a little more and nights go well with three or four hours of sleep, and there is no information about fatigue, Vartiainen describes.

– Decisions are such that they are not considered for a long time, even if others may think they are stupid.

A period of depression often creeps in.

– I may be down for a while, and then it goes to the side of depression. It’s been like I haven’t left home in a few weeks. Fortunately, they have happened during summer internships.

Return time?

The disease does not go away, but it can be controlled with medication.

– Medication has already been changed four or five times. It may be that two years are going well, and then we change again, Vartiainen says.

– Now let’s study life with oneself again.

Due to his illness, Vartiainen has not played any league matches this autumn. During the training season, he performed in six matches.

– Due to illness, one should live as regularly as possible, so the profession is a bit challenging, Vartiainen says.

– I will probably try to join the team after the national team break. Day by day we go here, but when we compare a year ago, we are already in a good position.

“Feeling free”

Publicly speaking about the illness brought Vartiainen a “liberated feeling”.

– I have an attitude that it’s one part of me.

Vartiainen wants to wake Finns up for discussion and encourage those who have problems to seek help.

– There is no weakness in nature to ask for help, he emphasizes.

– I hope from the bottom of my heart that this (exit) will cause a debate on mental health issues, break taboos and encourage people to ask for help.