Lawyer wants extra striker: ‘But the board is not really in line with me’

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Dick Advocaat is disappointed that Feyenoord does not have the options to add a striker to the selection before the transfer market closes. The Rotterdammers may have to do without Nicolai Jørgensen for a long time.

‘No discussion with players about playing style’

“I think it is serious, but internally it does not seem to be such as to consider whether an extra striker should be added. They have no money, not even to hire someone. Only when someone leaves is there a possibility. that something will come loose to do something “, said Lawyer at his press conference on Friday.

Jørgensen dropped out injured last week in the warm-up for the home game against ADO Den Haag (4-2). He had to contend with injuries frequently in recent years and if he was again disabled for a long time, then Lawyer only has Róbert Bozeník at his disposal for the forward position.

“The board has done everything in its power this summer to keep the selection intact, but to become stronger, you have to bring in stronger players. The team will look pretty nice, I am convinced, but we have. need some time, “says Advocaat.

“Given the many injuries that Jørgensen has already had, I would get an extra striker, but they are not really in line with me. At least, the people who are about that. Maybe that’s why I look so grumpy now. I hope so. something is going to happen, but that chance is small. “

Nicolai Jørgensen is disappointed before Feyenoord’s match against ADO Den Haag. (Photo: ANP)

Lawyer also elaborated on the stiff game of Feyenoord so far this season. He said last week after the game with ADO that “we really need to start wondering if wanting to play forward is good for us,” implying that the players determine the playing style.

“I brought it up myself and it was rightly picked up by the media. I have never put it to the players because I do not want them to go about it. I still think that this team would benefit more from having control over it. matches instead of playing far forward. “

“I noticed against ADO that some players saw it differently. We talked about that this week and that was a monologue on my part. There were stories in the newspapers about major disagreements within Feyenoord, but there has never been a discussion.”

Feyenoord, which took seven points from the first three games, will visit Willem II on Sunday. In addition to Jørgensen, the lawyer also has to do without Christian Conteh, who was injured during the training. Mark Diemers, who was missing against ADO, is just there again.

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