Lawyer brings faith back to Feyenoord: ‘If he indicates something, then you follow’

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Four injured in a stabbing at Charlie Hebdo’s former office

Four people were injured in a stabbing in Paris on Friday. It happened near the old office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo....

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Feyenoord has been unbeaten in the Eredivisie since the appointment of Dick Advocaat as trainer and wants to take a shot at the national title this season. Faith has returned to Rotterdam under the leadership of the 72-year-old resident of The Hague. “Lawyer has taken the next step in professionalization at Feyenoord.”

‘Lawyer leaves nothing to be desired in terms of clarity’

At the end of July, after the first training of the season, Steven Berghuis lacked superlatives to explain the influence of Advocaat since his entry into De Kuip. He especially praised the top sports culture that the ‘little general’ had brought back to De Kuip in his eyes. Something that was missed during the short period of its predecessor Jaap Stam.

“The trainer is never satisfied. Satisfaction leads to laziness and he does not want that. Every time it has to be better and he expects more from everyone. In addition, he spares no one. He makes every player walk on his tiptoes. I personally have the need to always to be stimulated and he gives you that feeling “, said Berghuis.

Lawyer can produce impressive figures at Feyenoord. He was presented in November as successor to Stam and then led the team from twelfth to fifth place. Who knows, Feyenoord might even have been able to participate seriously in the battle for the championship if the competition was not ended in March due to the corona crisis.

Lawyer is constantly triggering the people within Feyenoord. For example, at his press conferences he has indicated several times that he finds the selection too narrow to qualify for the national title and he expressed his surprise at the number of season tickets sold compared to arch-rival Ajax.

“Lawyer has taken the next step in the professionalization at Feyenoord. That has always been a point here. Years ago Koeman spoke about the waste bins that were not emptied. Those are small things, but it says a lot. Lawyer is someone who is everywhere. watch out, “said Feyenoord watcher Dennis van Eersel on behalf of Rijnmond.

“Lawyer leaves nothing to be desired in terms of clarity. He also knows exactly what he should and should not say in the media. Lawyer is not only a man with a lot of experience, but also someone with status. If he indicates something, you will follow. That is no different internally. That is also because of the way he does it. “

Sometimes it creates tension between lawyer and technical director Frank Arnesen, although this is also dyed in the wool in football. Advocaat’s comments have contributed to Feyenoord strengthening itself this summer with renowned Eredivisie players such as Bryan Linssen and Mark Diemers.

“That’s great, isn’t it? We sometimes argue about certain things, but he always ends our app with: ‘I like you anyway’. And I do and that says it all. Dick has a lot of experience and has been through everything. and now knows the situation here. He puts pressure on us all in a healthy way, “Arnesen said recently.

“This is the game,” says Van Eersel. “The lawyer wants something extra and will look in the media to see how far he can come. His interest is to have a selection with which he can compete for the national title. That certainly could. Feyenoord has things well organized now, but if they become champions, then Lawyer has of course delivered a piece of art.

Feyenoord starts on Saturday at the Eredivisie with an away match against PEC Zwolle. The kick-off in the MAC³PARK stadium is at 8 pm and Bas Nijhuis will be the referee. As a result of the corona measures, the stadium is only one-third full of spectators.



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