Released in April, the Tip of Hope lineup In front of the new The song brought together the Finnish artists of the front row, such as Jenni Vartiainen, Alma, JVG, Anssi Kela, Chisu, Samu Haber, Anna Puu, Elastinen, Mikael Gabriel, Abreu, Sanni and Tuure Kilpeläinen.

He has been marked as the composer of a song that played hard on the radio Lauri Tähkä and as a lyricist Timo Kiiskinen.

Cob originally attracted colleagues to the song on Instagram.

– We have a song with Timo Kiiskinen ready. Who will join? Let’s put a message to who’s involved, Tähkä wrote in March and the artists left looking forward.

The purpose of the song was to help Finns in need due to the coronavirus.

However, the song is not completely straightforward. Its chorus sounds, at least to the layman’s ear, very similar to that of the British James Bayn Uschorus of the song.

According to the musician interviewed by Iltalehti, the tone of the chorus is one by one, Uswith the song.

Reader Summer Suurikallio The Department of Music, Art and Culture of the University of Jyväskylä, on the other hand, says how quite typical it is that one song resembles another.

“Certain chord expenses are more typical in Western music than others and appear as background structures in the choruses of many songs. There are often similar elements in melody lines as well, Suurikallio says.

“These two songs are also similar in terms of a certain world of tone and expressiveness, where the sincere emotionality of the singing voice is conveyed to the listener, Suurikallio estimates.

Us was released in 2018, and has been listened to more than 100 million times on Spotify alone. The song was made by James Bay and Jon Green.

In front of the new The authors of the song dispute copying.

–We have made the song ourselves and are unaware of its possible similarity to another song, the song’s composer Tähkä, lyricist Kiiskinen and the production team representative Jukka Immonen say by email.

“This is a charity song that is meant to bring comfort and hope to people during a corona pandemic. This is not a commercial or financially profitable song, the trio’s email continues.

The similarities between the different songs speak from time to time. For example, Daruden’s visa Look Away the melody was thought to resemble the old band The Supremes You Keep Me Hangin On song.

Also Rauli Badding Somerjoki The summer land withers a few years ago, a plagiarism arose when a musician from Oulu noticed a similarity to a Hungarian Everyone wants to be happy to the song.

However, the threshold for plagiarism is high. Copyright organization Teosto recently published article copying and plagiarism. According to it, the essential elements of the songs must be one together with the original song, mere similarity is not enough.

Every year, Teosto receives about 30 suspicions of plagiarism, 99 percent of which do not warrant further action.

Listen to the songs below.

You will hear a new front song from here.

You’ll hear James Bay’s Us song in turn from here.