Latin America prepares for a change in its relationship with Washington

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Until the last minute, Paula Withe, the telepreacher Y spiritual advisor from Donald Trump, asked the sky “angelic reinforcements “ from South America for the Republican to remain in the White House. While throwing praises, Latin American political leaders They were beginning to prepare for a change in their always complex relations with the United States. The arrival of the Democrat to the presidency Joe Biden it does, however, raise moderate expectations. It is already known in advance that the region is not among the priorities of Washington.

Unlike George W. Bush, who undertook 18 trips to Latin American countries, some of them signed due to political defeat -such as Argentina in 2005, when his attempt to create a large continental free trade zone failed-, Trump did not step on the soil of the region except the city ​​of Buenos Aires and in the framework of the G-20 summit of 2018. Specialists believe that Biden will look more in the mirror of Barack Obama, who during his tenure made 16 visits, including to Cuba. Many look forward to a new era of thaw with Havana, although not in the exceptional terms of the 2014-16 biennium.

During his proselytizing campaign, the Democrat promised the Latino electorate immediately legalize 11 million undocumented. He also said that he will allocate an economic aid of 4,000 million to the Central American countries. Biden and his advisers will design an immigration policy different from that of Trump and his “zero tolerance“towards the illegal calls that materialized in the wall on the border with Mexico and the separation of children from their parents.

Venezuela and Brazil

Trump tried by almost all means, except for one military adventure, get out of power in Venezuela a Nicolas Maduro. He was the first to recognize the deputy as “president in charge” Juan Guaidó. The Venezuelan question has had a basic agreement between the two North American parties for years. But given the evidence that neither the economic ruin nor the support for the most radical sectors brought the expected results, a relaxation of the sanctions against Caracas and other gestures in the search for a peaceful solution to the political dispute is not ruled out.

Like preacher Paula Withe, in Brazil they also prayed that the Republicans would keep the government. Jair Bolsonaro It has been camouflaged with Trump to the point of joining the rejection of Paris Agreement for him climate change. The loss of such a strategic ally may weaken a president who had more than 30 impeachment cases in May.

Biden’s presence in the White House will be a potential source of friction for the retired captain. During the first debate with Trump, the Democrat proposed creating an international fund of 20,000 million dollars to preserve the Amazon. But, in addition, he warned the far-right government that it would face “economic consequences” if it fails to stop the destruction of the ecosystem. The Colombian conservatives they also see with worried eyes the departure of the “hawks” from the presidency.

China’s growing influence

The political and economic elite from United States shares the same concern when looking at the Latin American horizon and has to do with the growing weight of China. While Biden will not act Trump-style, he has in commercial advance from Beijing in the region one of the challenges of his mandate. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the Latin American economy. Not even Bolsonaro, despite his recalcitrant ideology, wants to deprive himself of trade relations with the Chinese in these times.



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