Latin America exceeded 10 million cases and Europe closes again due to the increase in coronavirus cases

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In the region the deaths are close to 370,000, with Brazil surpassing 150,000 victims.

Latin America exceeded 10 million cases of coronavirus and Brazil exceeded 150,000 deaths. The region is the worst affected in the world by the pandemic, which is advancing rapidly in India and Europe, where restrictions increased this weekend.

According to an AFP count made from official sources this Saturday, in Latin America and the Caribbean 10,035,934 infections were recorded, 367,358 of which resulted in deaths.

Brazil, which concentrates more than half of the infections in the region, crossed the barrier of 150,000 deaths from covid-19, which is slowly retreating as the population accelerates the return to a risky normalcy.

Behind Brazil (5,055,888 infections and 150,198 deaths) are followed in cases by Colombia (894,300; 27,495 deaths), Argentina (871,455; 23,225 deaths) and Peru (843,355; 33,158 deaths).

Peru is the country with the highest mortality rate in the world in proportion to its population, with 101 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

Despite these figures, seven archaeological sites in the Andean region of Cusco will open from October 15 after being closed for seven months, and in November the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, a jewel of Peruvian tourism, will reopen.

The average number of daily infections in Brazil fell from 40,659 in July to 30,000 in September and 27,200 so far in October. But specialists maintain that the numbers are still high.

“It is as if you went down from the Himalayas to the Alps, that is, you continue on a mountain,” José David Urbáez, a researcher from the Brazilian Society of Infectology, told AFP.

Latin America and the Caribbean will suffer “the worst economic and health impact” worldwide due to the pandemic and a 7.9% decline in GDP is expected in 2020, the World Bank (WB) warned on Friday.

“The number of deaths per million people (in Latin America) it’s so high as in advanced economies, if not more, but the resources available to deal with the coup are much more restricted, “the World Bank said in a report.

Worldwide, the pandemic has caused at least one million deaths and about 37 million infections since December, according to AFP figures.

The United States is the country most affected in the world by this pandemic, with more than 213,000 deaths and 7.6 million infections. Every day about 1,000 people die from the virus in that country, according to official figures.

India, with 7.05 million cases, is on the heels of the United States, although it registers fewer deaths, 109,334. But experts warn that the actual numbers could be much higher.

In the last week, the situation also worsened notably in Europe, which registered a 28% increase in the number of infections. In total, the continent already exceeds 6.2 million cases and 240,000 deaths.

The virus is primed in countries like Spain, where the government decreed the state of alarm in Madrid to stop the contagion, after days of deep disagreements between the central government, of the left, and the regional executive, with a conservative spirit.

For at least 14 days, the 4.5 million inhabitants of Madrid and some neighboring municipalities must respect a partial confinement. That is, they can go for a walk, buy in the supermarket or eat in a restaurant, but within the delimited area, from which they can leave to go to work or to the doctor.


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