Latifi: We will see two different races in Bahrain

This week and next week we will see two races in Bahrain – with different track configurations. Williams driver Nicholas Latifi is pleased that the nature of these races should be completely different …

Nicholas Latifi: “We will see two different races in Bahrain. The section connecting the 4th and 13th turns, which we will use in the second race, is very bumpy. It was rarely used and I don’t know if the asphalt will be replaced there, or if we will drive on a very old surface.

Changing the configuration will change the nature of the track, it will lose the slow middle section, for which we will tune the car for high downforce in the first race.

The second race will turn out to be completely different, but it will be even more interesting to follow what is happening during training and qualification, when there are twenty cars on such a short track at once.



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