Last presidential candidate charged for campaign finance violations was John Edwards.

Former US Senator John Edwards was charged with campaign finance violations in 2011. The charges were related to his presidential run in 2008, when he allegedly funneled nearly $1 million in donations to his pregnant mistress. Although Edwards was acquitted of one charge, the others were dropped. Legal experts are now speculating on what will happen if former President Donald Trump is indicted for alleged hush-money payments made to Stormy Daniels during his campaign. When a candidate faces criminal charges due to campaign finance violations, like Edwards did, they can face up to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $1.5 million.

John Kerry’s former vice-presidential running mate faced felony charges that included conspiracy and violating federal laws as well as lying about it all before the Federal Election Commission (FEC). These allegations stemmed from Edwards’ own presidential bid back in 2008 which carried a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment along with a fine worth $250k per count filed against him by the DOJ.

Edwards had been accused of conspiring with his staff members while covering up an affair he had fathered with another woman while still married and supporting her financially alongside their baby daughter whom he later admitted paternity off after denying it initially. His wife Elizabeth separated from him right after this revelation but passed away before any trial could be held.

In an effort at concealing these facts from public knowledge that might jeopardize his candidacy prospects; Mr.Edwards received more than $900k through illegal donations acquired via unscrupulous means involving fake names or aliases used as donors and false check memos such as ‘chairs’, ‘antique table’, etc., so expenses might match said gifts rather than revealing its true nature.

The Department Of Justice argued that these funds went towards paying hush money payments aimed at silencing the senator’s mistress who threatened publicizing their intimate relationship details unless bought out first! However, legal experts criticized these claims since no specific federal statute underlined them but only relied upon FEC opinions instead which classified such actions akin to political contributions albeit illicitly obtained ones!

After nine days of deliberations following Edward’s indictment; jurors found him guilty on just one count among six total ones brought forth during prosecution leaving rest deadlocked leading eventually resulting into mistrial where DOJ officials opted not retrying again hence letting go all remaining accusations!

Brett Kappel told The Washington Post: “It’s not illegal to be a pig… Is what Edwards did slimy? Absolutely…But it’s not crime.” Meanwhile Former President Trump recently revealed expecting arrest next week due ongoing investigation connected around alleged hush-money payment paid pre-election time frame actor Stormy Daniels costing over hundred thousand dollars – yet unclear how events may unfold post-charge given varying opinions between insiders & outsiders alike.”

Despite uncertainty surrounding possible future indictments being levied against Mr.Trump concerning potential breaches electoral funding regulations similar those faced by Mr.Edwards previously ; many hope appropriate justice gets served regardless without bias or undue influence anywhere throughout proceedings ensuring fair trial/sentencing based meritocracy principles!

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