Last of Jacopo Quadri in competition at the IDFA Amsterdam festival

The documentary Ultimina, by the editor of Notturno and Mario Martone’s films, Jacopo Quadri, is in competition at the IDFA in Amsterdam and will be visible online on November 26 and December 3. A London company will distribute it around the world.

Thursday 26 November (and in reruns on 3 December) will be visible online on the IDFA website in Amsterdam, the most important documentary festival in the world, Ultimina of Jacopo Quadri – editor of Night of Gianfranco Rosi – the Italian film chosen to represent Italy at the Oscars. Ultimina has just been acquired by London-based Taskovski Films which will distribute it abroad.

Shot over the last few years, the film is a portrait of Ultima Capecchi, now 86, who lives alone near Sovana, isolated in the Maremma countryside. Ultimina immerses us, even with the help of family photographs, in its past where the laws of violent men, true master fathers, commanded. She, who was to be the last of many children but who was followed by her little sister Finis, has crossed the century with her head held high, never stopping working. A portrait of a strong woman who has the gift of clear words and a love for storytelling. The tone of his voice is high and clear, his speech lively like a river; her clear mind and her proud, active walker body. Jacopo Quadri gently accompanies us on this journey into the world of Ultimina: with her we are watching the lonely evening, we are with her to hoe the dry earth that perhaps will be a vegetable garden, we follow her on foot in the depopulated countryside, where we never meet anyone and relationships are done only by phone. We follow her on her walks to the town cemetery and in everyday life, picking vegetables from nearby farms. With her we reflect on the meaning of ending up underground in a world gutted by departures, in a place where so much has been worked and which now has no future.

Produced by Infertility in collaboration with Rai Cinema, is directed and edited by Jacopo Quadri; photography Greta De Lazzaris, music Valerio Vigliar, sound Daniela Bassani e Nicolò Tettamanti. Jacopo Quadri in addition to having mounted tall the films of Mario Martone e by Gianfranco Rosi he collaborated, among others, with Bernardo Bertolucci, Paolo Virzì, Marco Bechis, Francesca Archibugi, Zhang Yuan, Alessandro Rossetto, Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Come film director, after a series of experimental short films, Statici, together with Mario Martone, feature documentaries The earth trembles e A place in the world (2000). Since the death of his father Franco Quadri, he has directed the publishing house Ubulibri with which he has made some documentaries on theater, including The summer school (2014) e The country where the trees fly (2015). For his third feature-length documentary, Lorello and Brunello, received the Cipputi Award and the Special Mention of the Jury at the 2017 Turin Film Festival.

To see Last but not least connect to the website Thursday 26 November at 3.45 pm or Thursday 3 December at 6.15 pm.


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