last minute dictatorship: an exclusive trailer for the comedy with Lodo Guenzi about the on the road adventure of three friends

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Antonio Pisu directs the true story of three boys who set off on the momentum of the collapse of the Berlin wall for a mysterious and fascinating East. Here is an exclusive preview of the official trailer of Est, with Lodo Guenzi de Lo Stato sociale. The film will be in cinemas from November 5, distributed by Genoma Films.

The adventure on the road of three friends, a journey born by chance and destined to become a memorable memory of their life, an adventure beyond the Iron Curtain, just as it was collapsing. We show you, in exclusive preview, the official trailer of East – last minute dictatorship, presented at the last Days of the authors of Venice Film Festival 2020, and directed by Antonio Pisu inspired by a true story. In the cast Guenzi mud of the musical group The welfare state, Besides Matteo Gatta e Jacopo Costantini.

The plot of East

1989, a few weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I pay, Rice and Bibi, three twenty-four-year-olds, leave the quiet Cesena in search of adventure: ten days of vacation in Eastern Europe, towards those places where present the Soviet regime. Once in Budapest they meet Emil, a Romanian fleeing his country due to the dictatorship. The man, worried about the family left in Romania, asks for the help of the three Italians. The task is simple: carry a suitcase to his wife and daughter. Moved by compassion and in search of emotions, the three head towards Bucharest, in the heart of the Ceausescu dictatorship. Without knowing what awaits them, on a journey beyond their imaginations, Pago, Rice and Bibi will find themselves in a country under the dictatorial regime, involved in surreal situations and surrounded by unlikely characters who will seriously risk their lives. Among numerous gags and twists, the three protagonists will understand the right value of the “things” that we take for granted every day. They will find themselves, strengthen their friendship and join forces to carry out the most important mission of their

The trailer in the exclusive preview of Est


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