In the U.S., the presidential election committee is announcing that in the next debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, their mic will be silenced when they are not in response.

In this way, the Committee seeks to get rid of the interruptions that have messed up the previous debate. Biden and Trump will meet each other on Thursday, October 22nd.

The first election debate between Biden and Trump remains one of the most chaotic rallies in history between presidential candidates.

In particular, Trump suspended both his opposition to Biden and Fox News, which moderated the debate Chris Wallaceakin with continuous feed.

Each candidate receives a two-minute response, during which the other Mickey is muted. This two-minute session will be followed by an open debate during which Mickey of both candidates will be open.

– The Committee hopes that the candidates will respect each other’s time, as it will foster a civilized debate that will benefit the onlooking public, the Committee said in a statement.

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien fired on the rule change.

“Trump is committed to arguing with Joe Biden despite the last-minute changes to the bias committee’s rules, which are their latest attempt to favor their preferred candidate,” Stepien says in a statement.

According to Stepien, in the debate, Trump intends to raise allegations against Biden’s son Hunter Biden, the veracity of which has not been proven.

– If the media doesn’t ask Joe Biden these questions, Trump will ask and Biden has no escape, Stepien says.