Metallica is one of the greatest rock groups of all time. His fans number in the hundreds of thousands and his songs are true anthems. But every artist has reservations when he looks back and Lars Ulrich, the mythical drummer of the Californian band, has revealed which is the group’s song that he does not want to hear again.

In an interview with the portal, the Danish drummer explained his reluctance about a song from the year 1988, belonging to the disk … And Justice for All.

Is about Eye of Beholder. According to Ulrich, “Listen when you hear that song, it sounds like … I guess we don’t want to be overly disrespectful to it, but it sounds really forced. It sounds like you put a square peg into a round hole. It sounds like it has two different tempos. There are. a four-by-four feel in the intro and in the verses, and then I think the choruses are in a more waltz-like tempo. Literally, it sounds like two worlds rubbing against each other. Sounds awkward to meI’m not a big fan of that song. “

Ulrich went on to explain: “I guess the asterisk that, for me, we did the best we could at every moment. So of course sometimes you just sit down and say ‘huh?’ or ‘that could have been better’ or ‘that was a bit clumsy’ or ‘that seems a bit silly or easy’, or ‘that seems too weighted’ or whatever. This brings us back to all that the past is past, and I don’t spend too much time on it. There’s not really much I can do about it and I honestly don’t listen to them. I don’t listen to a lot of Metallica music, partly because I’m too analytical in a way. “

Lars Ulrich explains further on this matter: “It’s basically almost impossible for me to listen to a Metallica song without saying, ‘Okay, what is the sound like? What is the mix like? How does the guitar sound? The vocals are too loud, the bass is too prominent. ‘It becomes an exercise in analysis. When you listen to your favorite band, like when I listen to Rage Against The Machine, I just get carried away. But when it comes to Metallica, it’s like ‘huh?’