Larissa Manoela chooses blouse with wavy collar and short clochard to go shopping

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Larissa Manoela took advantage of the holiday this Monday (12th), Nossa Senhora Aparecida Day, to go shopping in Rio de Janeiro, where she has been living since the beginning of the year. Adept of neat and stylish productions, the actress bet on a blouse with a wavy collar and short clochard with a bow belt to go to a fruit and vegetable shop in the South Zone of the city. Accompanied by her boyfriend, Léo Cidade, and wearing a coronavirus protection mask, the singer stopped to chat with fans and took selfies with admirers on the spot.

Larissa Manoela radicalizes and changes the look

In the last week, Larissa adopted red hair, summer trend, above her shoulders. The artist had long blond hair. “Guys, I transformed and I was eager to share with you this new moment in my life and my career. I was very excited to share this result with you! Very, very happy with my new color. For me, this transformation means a lot. It is the first time that I have changed so radically. You are used to seeing me changing, but color and cut, all at once … I am very happy! “, He said.

Actress explains why she stuck to short wires

According to Larissa, being able to change her look regularly is one of the things she loves most in the profession. “How I love to change! I love my profession. To be able to change, to be able to transform … I am always very available for that. It is a mixture of emotions, happiness and that’s it”, he added. The 19-year-old said that the transformation was for Netflix’s new film Lulli: “With the resumption of filming, we thought about changing that tone again, making it shorter. We think this color is all about with the character and I over approved the choice, because I didn’t even want to say goodbye to the red hair “.

Singer tells how to take care of hair

In an interview, Larissa reported that to keep the highlights shiny, she uses hydrations and uses specific products for the new reddish tone. “I choose products that do not detonate hair and I always keep hydration up to date. Nowadays, there are many specific products for those who like to play with the colors of the threads, for before and after dyeing”, he detailed to “Quem”. “Çtaking care of your hair, changing your look or investing in a special make-up help to treat our self-esteem with more care. It’s super valid. But it really does matter what we feel, it matters how we see and value ourselves “, he added.


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