Large-scale attack: how Bucharest residents received hundreds of text messages with false Covid-19 test results

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If you received an SMS announcing that the test result for Covid-19 is positive, you better not panic yet. Check the source very carefully because you may have been the victim of hackers.

A large-scale cyber attack was unveiled on Friday, September 25th. Several Bucharest residents received text messages informing them that they had tested positive for Covid, although they had tested negative. Some of them had not even applied for such a test.

It happened after a medical center’s database was hacked by hackers. The director of the Caraiman Multifunctional Medical Complex in Bucharest reported the situation.

“It was a cyber attack, it started at 12 o’clock at night on September 22. There are text messages coming from a short number. Yesterday I had dozens of such messages, today there are hundreds. They were people with negative results, but they received SMSs that they are positive “, said Livia Gomes, director of the medical center opened by the City Hall of Sector 1.

Investigation after the SMS received by the people of Bucharest

An investigation was launched at the Caraiman Multifunctional Complex in Bucharest, after several patients received a fake SMS announcing that they were positive for the COVID-19 test. In reality, patients had a negative test or did not even take the COVID-19 test.

“Some of those patients underwent COVID-19 testing in Caraiman, but some received only medical services that had nothing to do with testing, such as physiotherapy, physical therapy, a cardiology consultation, an ENT consultation. We are now in checks with this situation that was created around 11:30, when the first patients panicked and called us “, says the director of Caraiman Medical Center.

The exact number of people who received SMS is not known, but it is possible that there are quite a few considering the flow of patients from the center.

“So far we have only 4,000 patients for a month,” said Livia Gomes.


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