Lara Trump plans to make the leap into US politics in 2022

The Trump family is reluctant to leave the political spotlight. Despite the electoral defeat of the family patriarch, it does not seem that it will be long until a member of the clan makes the leap into politics: Lara Trump, wife of Eric, second son of the still president, is considering stand for the Senate in 2022.

According to him The New York Times, The daughter of Donald Trump, 38, would be presented by its home state, North Carolina.

The prestigious newspaper cites three sources close to Lara Trump, who confirm his intention to run for the Senate. The Republican Senator from North Carolina, Richard Burr, retires and there the new candidate would enter.

Lara Trump has two children (one of them is a girl named Carolina, like her home state), she was a personal trainer, television producer and in his father-in-law’s campaigns he has coordinated the visual strategy on line.

She is not the only member of the family to whom she is related to a political future, because there are rumors that Donald Trump would try to be a Republican candidate in four years, and it is also rumored that those who would run would be Ivanka O Donald Jr, the eldest sons of the tycoon.



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